2/24/2017 - Winter Court of Honor! Reminder that Monday evening is the Winter Court of Honor. All Scouts should plan to attend.

2/22/2017 - Shegardaynou Camporee! The activity notice is now available for the 2017 International Camporee at Shegardaynou (Ontario, Canada) on May 12-14, 2017. Cost is $45. There are special travel requirements because of the international travel - see the notice for details. RSVP no later than Monday, March 26th! 

2/21/2017 - Weekly Meeting Slides - The PDF of the slides for the 2/20/2017 meeting are now available.

2/20/2017 - Scuba BSA Activity Notice - Here is the activity notice for the Scuba BSA event on Sunday, March 12th at the Aqua Hut. Cost is $25. First come, first served! Limited to 8 total Scouts and/or Scouters per session (10a-1p; 1p-4p). RSVP by March 6th!

2/20/2017 - Mohican Activity Notice - Here is the PDF of the March PLC Campout (Mohican SP) activity notice. Date of the campout is March 24-26, and the cost is $25 per person. Notices are due Monday, 3/13/2017.

2/20/2017 - Meeting tonight! Despite the President's Day holiday, we will have our regularly scheduled meeting tonight at the church. See you at 7pm!

2/19/2017 - Weekly Meeting Slides - The PDF of the slides for the 2/13/2017 meeting are now available.

2/10/2017 - Reminders - Monday is the Order of the Arrow Elections! All Scouts should try their best to attend! Also, Final Merit Badge blue cards and ranks advancements should be given to Mrs. Marsalek for inclusion in the Winter COH on Feb. 27th.

2/7/2017 - Scout Sunday! - Please try to attend Scout Sunday at SFUMC - either the 9:30am or 11:00am service - and give back to the organization that sponsors us and let's us basically have the entire basement for our use and meetings. See the e-mail from Mr. Ellett for more details.

2/7/2017 - Scuba BSA - Mr. Traugott has been kind enough to put together an opportunity for Scouts and Scouters to try out Scuba diving and earn the Scuba BSA patch. (Note: this is NOT the Scuba Merit Badge). The date is March 12th from 10-1 or 1-4. Cost is $25. Need to RSVP by March 6th. Classes are limited to 8 people. Activity notice coming shortly. Participants must be able to pass a BSA swim test. See informational flyer here.

2/7/2017 - Weekly Meeting Slides - The PDF of the slides for the 2/6/2017 meeting are now available.

2/1/2017 - New Planning Form!!! - New BSA Scout Planning Worksheet is available for download and use!

1/31/2017 - Weekly Meeting Slides - The PDF of the slides for 1/30/17 meeting are now available

1/30/2017 - Reminder - PLC Meeting! There is a PLC meeting tonight at 6pm to discuss the March PLC campout. Meet at the church. (No food provided - sorry!)

1/24/2017 - Weekly Meeting Slides/Minutes - The presentation/minutes from last night's meeting is available here.

1/24/2017 - Pack 154 PW Derby Help - Pack 154's Pinewood Derby is coming up this weekend. Weigh in is Friday, January 28th and the race is Saturday, January 29th. They are looking for some Scouts to assist with the event. The race will be held at the Croosroads Community Church, 6960 Sylvania Petersburg Road, Ottawa Lake, Michigan. Weigh-in is from 5:30 - 7:00 Friday evening and the race is Saturday from 8:30 AM - 2:00 PM. Sign up here.

1/23/2017 - Sled Building - Sled building sessions for the Klondike campout will be Feb. 5th from 3-6pm and Feb 10th from 6-9pm. See Mr. Roth for more details!

1/23/2017 - OA Event Calendar - Attached is the current event calendar for the Order of the Arrow - Tindeuchen Lodge 522 for 2017.

1/23/2017 - Winter Weekend II / Klondike - Here is the activity notice for Winter Weekend II / Klondike at Miakonda - Feb 17-19th, 2017. We will be staying at Oakdale Cabin. The cost is $20, and the activity notices are due to Mrs. Howell no later than Monday, 2/6/2017.

1/22/2017 - Summer Camp Reservation Fee - due Monday, 1/23/2017, to Mrs. Howell. Cost is $50.

1/17/2017 - Meeting Presentation and Minutes from last night's meeting (1/16/2017).

1/13/2017 - Camp Alaska - Don't forget your warm clothes (esp. hats and gloves) for the campout this weekend. It looks like we will be tobogganing and hiking instead of cross country skiing, so "Be Prepared"!

1/13/2017 - Meeting Announcements - Meeting announcements for inclusion in Monday's Troop meeting slides will be due to Mr. Marsalek by 8pm Sunday evening.

1/9/2017 - Meeting Presentation and Minutes Added from tonights meeting!

Troop 154 News

Troop 154 Scout Leaders: 2016-2017

Senior Patrol Leader:

Hunter Morgan
Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders:

Ian Mahoney, Tyler Beattie

Daniel Klein
OA Representative:

Nick Marsalek

Caleb Krolak

Zach Burton

Nate Burton
Chaplain's Aide:

Jacob Lesley

Ryan Morgan

Milo Simpson
LNT Trainer:

Trevor Howell

Mr. Allen Ellett

Troop Committee Chair:

Mr. Reed Anderson



BSA Troop 154 (Sylvania, Ohio)
Chartered to Sylvania First United Methodist Church
Erie Shores Council - Northwest District