Remind App information - see the linked PDF to sign up!

Cyber Chip - Scout Law and Cyberbullying/Cybersafety. Write your contract with your parents on the back of this form and turn in as part of the Cyber Chip requirement. Note: The Cyber Chip is now required for Scout and Star ranks!


Camp Alaska 2018 Activity Notice - January 12-14th, 2018, cost is $20. Due 1/1/2018 (last meeting before due date is 12/18/17!)

Winter Weekend 1 campout - everything 80's! Activity notice- Dec. 1-3, 2017 at Miakonda (Oakdale Cabin). $Cost is $25. Due 11/20/2017.

Merit Badge Day at Miakonda - Dec. 30, 2017. Cost is $18 per Scout. RSVP as soon as possible!

PLC Campout at Kensington Metropark - activity notice - Nov. 17-19, 2017. Cost is $25.00. Due 11/6/2017.

2017-2018 Troop Calendar - Revision #3 - PDF Format (posted 10/2/2017). Changed Scouting for Food dates.

Oct. 2017 Philmont Prep Hike/Campout - Oct. 21-22, 2017 at Pioneer. Cost $12, forms due 10/9.

2017-2018 Troop Calendar - Revision #2 - PDF format (posted: 9/18/2017)

2017 Halloween Activity Notice - Oct. 27-29th, 2017. Cost is $20.00. Form and payment due Monday, 10/16.

JYLT 2017 Training Activity Notice - no cost, due 9/18/2017 - class is 9/23/2017 from 9am-3pm at the church.

2017-2018 Troop Activity Calendar (rev1) - PDF format

2017 Put In Bay Camporee - Sept. 8-10, cost is $73.00 per person. Forms and $$ due 7/19! No late sign-ups!

August 2017 Camp Miakonda 100th Anniversary Campout - Aug. 11-13th, $8.00. RSVP by July 28th.

UT Rec Center Liability Release Form for Fun Night, June 5th, 2017.

Miakonda 100th Anniversary Campout - May 19-21, cost is $10. RSVP by May 15th.

Atomic Energy Camporee - Oct. 6-8, 2017. Cost is $32. Limited to 25 Scouts. First come, first served.

2017-18 Troop leadership position elections - positions and requirements. Updated for 2017.

Tenderfoot Weekend Campout Checklist

Summer Camp Merit Badges and Activities List and Camp Schedule sheet for Camp Chief Little Turtle

Mining in Society Merit Badge Day - Flyer and BSA Consent Form - free event!

Tenderfoot Weekend 2017 Activity Notice - April 28-30, 2017 at Gerber Hill Park (Mi.). Cost is $10. Due by 4/17.

Shegardaynou Camporee Activity Notice - May 12-14, 2017. Cost is $45. RSVP by March 27th. Special travel requirements - see the notice for more details!

Mohican PLC Campout Activity Notice - March 24-26. Cost is $25. RSVP by March 13th.

Scuba BSA Activity Notice - March 12th, 10a-1p or 1p-4p. $25. RSVP by 3/6.

Scouts - Activity Planning Form (PDF)

Winter Weekend 2 Activity Notice - Feb. 17-19th at Miakonda. Cost is $20. Form and money are due 2/6/2017.

Order of the Arrow Tindeuchen 522 Lodge - Activity Calendar for 2017.

Summer Camp 2017 - Activity Notice for Summer Camp at Chief Little Turtle. $50 deposit due Jan. 30th, 2017. Early Bird savings if $280 paid by May 8th.

2018 Philmont Activity Notice - initial deposit is due Jan 2017!

Winter Weekend 1 - Duct Tape Challenge - 12/2 - 12/4/2016 - Cost $25.00. Due 11/21/2016!

2016 Fall Troop Roster (password protected PDF) - posted 11/3/2016

2016 Aug. (Fall) Merit Badge Counselor List (password protected PDF) - posted 11/3/2016

2016 Santa Parade / Woodstock Trip, Nov. 19th & 20th, cost is $10. Activity Notice and $$ due 11/14/2016.

2016-2017 Calendar of Events for Troop 154 - version 3.

2016 Fall Camporee - Cast Iron Chef - Sept. 23-25 at Oak Openings. Activity Notice due 9/19.

2016 Manistee River Canoe Trip, July 24th-28th,2016. Must be 13 years old and first class rank - Activity Notice. Cost is $125. Forms are due 7/10/2106.

Scout Fun Night 2016 at UT Rec Center June 6th, 2016. No Cost. A completed UT Liability Form is required. Scout uniform is required for entry. Bring appropriate gym and pool attire as well.

2016 Tenderfoot Weekend part 2 - June 3-5 at Oak Openings. Cost is $25, and forms and $$ are due 5/23/2016.

Mining in Society Merit Badge Day at Oldcastle Materials in Ottawa Lake Michigan on May 14th from 8:30am - 1:30pm. No cost. Class is limited to 50 Scouts. See the informational flyer for event and registration details.

Railroading Merit Badge - May 7th at the Toledo Amtrak Station, from 8am-4pm. Cost is $5.00. Class is limited to the first 30 Scouts. Registration due by Apr. 24th. Informational Flyer and Registration form.

Tenderfoot Weekend 2016 at Gerber Hill Park on April 22-24. Activity Notice and Camping Checklist. Cost is $10. Activity notice is due by Monday 4/18/2016

Summer Camp 2016 at Pioneer! Activity Form, Merit Badge Schedule, and Medical Forms.

Health and Safety Merit Badge Day at UT - Flyer and Prereq. sheet. April 9th. See link in flyer to register.

2016 Hocking Hills PLC campout - March 18-20, 2016. Cost is $30. Form and $$ due March 14th.

2016 Shegardaynou International Camporee Activity Notice - May 6-8, 2016. Form and $$ due March 7th! Cost is $45.00.

2016 Klondike Derby/Winter Weekend II activity notice - Feb. 12th-14th at Miakonda. Ghostbusters theme. Payment ($20) and forms are due Feb. 8th to Mr. Mercer!

2016 Camp Alaska Activity Notice - Jan. 15-17th, 2016 at Pioneer Scout Reservation. Form and $$ are due by Jan. 11th.

2015 Winter Weekend I activity notice - Campout is Dec. 4-6. Notice and $25 payment due 11/30!

2015 Scouting membership promotion PDF. Nov. 1st - Dec. 4th. Earn a $20 gift card for every 2 new Scouts who join and list you as their recruiter!

Christmas Parade in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada - Sat/Sun. Nov. 21-22. Activity Notice is due Monday, 11/16/2015.

University of Scouting 2015 - Sat., Nov. 7th, 2015 from 8am - 5pm at Cardinal Stritch HS

Halloween Activity Notice 2015 - Campout is Oct. 23-25 at Miakonda. PDF format. Due Monday, Oct. 19th.

Troop 154 - Adult Mentors Listing - Fall 2015 - password protected PDF

Fall 2015 Troop Roster - password protected PDF

Fall Camporee - Can You COPE? October 16th-18th at Miakonda. Due Oct. 12th. (COPE registration due Oct. 2nd at 3pm)

JYLT Troop Youth Leadership Workshop Activity Notice - Saturday, Sept. 26th, 9am - 3pm.

Put-In-Bay mandatory Health Release Form

2015 Troop 154 Fun Night - Monday, June 8th at the Univ. of Toledo Rec. Center (All are in PDF format)

2015 Summer Camp at Camp Lakota (July 5-11): (all are PDF's)

Put-In-Bay Camporee 2015 Activity Notice (PDF format) - due July 13th, 2015. E-Mail, US Mail, or hand deliver to Mr. Mercer.

Manistee River Canoe Trip 2015 Activity Notice (PDF format) - due July 13th, 2015. E-Mail, US Mail, or hand-deliver to Mr. Mercer.

Shegardaynou Code of Conduct Form (in PDF format)

Troop Election Information - Nominations are May 4th, and elections are May 11th, 2015.

Tenderfoot Weekend 2015 - scheduled for April 24th-26th, 2015:

Camp Shegardaynou 2015 International Camporee Activity Notice - due 3/30/3015. Campout is May 8-10th.

Railroading Merit Badge Documents - Program is May 2nd, 2015. RSVP as soon as possible.

Activity Notice - PLC Campout to Wright Patterson Air Force Base Museum / Sycamore State Park (Form is due Monday, 3/9/2015!

Automotive Maintenance Merit Badge Offering - March 28, 2015 (RSVP by 3/16)

Cub Scout to Boy Scout Transition PPT - PDF of Powerpoint presentation

STEM Merit Badge Information - Engineering, Chemistry, Robotics - Feb 28th at TTA. Space limited to 16 per class!

February 2015 Events at the Huntington Center - Shrine Circus, Monster Truck Jam

Troop Roster - as of Sept. 2014 (password protected)

Merit Badge Counselor List - NW District only - Jan. 2015 (password protected)

Merit Badge Counselor Application 2015

Winter Weekend 2 Klondike Derby Activity Notice (due Feb. 9th, 2015)

PDF Guide: The Scout Law and CyberSafety/CyberBullying

Oct. 2014 Erie Shores Merit Badge Counselor List (password protected)

Camp Alaska Shakedown Checklist (for 1/12/2015)

Camp Alaska Campout Checklist (for 1/16/2015 - 1/18/2015)

2015 Camp Alaska Activity Notice (Due 1/12/2015)

Summit/Bechtel High Adventure Form (Due 1/26/2015 with deposit) - now in a PDF format